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The Presidential Fitness Challenge began in 1966 as the Presidential Physical Fitness Award. It became the President’s Challenge, sometimes called the Presidential Fitness Test, in 1988. In 2012, the Obama administration further...

“If only I had more time.” Do you ever find yourself saying this? Chances are you have more time available than you think you do; you just need to learn how to...

Whether you’re attending a conference or having lunch with a potential client, an attractive promotional item can make you more memorable. Promotional products range from the familiar, like mouse pads and mugs,...

People are sometimes hard to motivate. If you’re a leader or member of a club or organization that’s seeing waning interest in specific programs or perhaps diminishing participation in activities overall, you’re...

Successful adults know that a good morning routine can boost success for the rest of the day. Similarly, kids have a critical period that can make any day a good one. For...

Many are finding fall to be an untapped season of potential for fundraising. But is fall fundraising truly worth the wait? Let’s take a closer look.   Fall has it All When listing their favorite...